Perks & Benefits

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25 days Holiday plus Bank Holidays

Our employees having a good work life balance is important to us and we therefore provide 25 days holiday. In addition to this, employees are able to accrue an additional day with every 2 years of service, up to a maximum of 30 days after 10 years of service.

Company Mobile Phone

After successfully completing a probationary period, the majority of our employees are eligible to a Company Mobile Phone. This enables our employees to be contactable by clients but enables them to also switch it off during their non working hours to ensure our employees are able to maintain a good work life balance.

Out of Hours

Many of our employees are required to do some out of hours work to support our clients. At Bridge Partners, we want our employees to be compensated for any disruption to their work life balance and therefore out of hours work is accrued as TOIL at 1.5x the normal rate.


All employees are able to access training whilst working at Bridge Partners. To encourage a continuous learning approach, Bridge Partners pays for all courses that will aid your development in your role and also a £100 bonus for any exams that are passed.

Company Bonus Scheme

At Bridge Partners, we want all of our employees to enjoy any financial success that our Company has during our financial year. After successfully completing a probationary period, all employees are eligible to be a part of our Company Bonus Scheme.

Referral Bonus

Bridge Partners is always looking to attract new high quality talent to join our team and we are keen to recruit people who are recommended by our employees. For any employee who successfully refers a candidate, they will be entitled to £1,000 bonus.

Life Assurance

Ensuring that our employee’s families are financially compensated, should employee die whilst they are employed at Bridge Partners, is important to us. From day 1 of employment, all our employees are part of our Company Life Insurance which is 2 x basic salary.

Enhanced Pension Scheme

We want our employees to invest in their retirement and therefore offer 5% employee and 5% employer contributory pension scheme for all employees to join.

BUPA Health Insurance

At Bridge Partners we want our employees to remain healthy and support them in the event of any poor health. All our employees are given the option to join BUPA at anytime during their employment with us.

Sick Pay

Our employee’s health and wellbeing is an important part of keeping our employees happy. From day 1 of employment, all our employees are entitled to 10 days of Company sick pay per annum.

On Call Payments

Our First Line Team and some of our Support Team are on an ‘on call’ rota which requires each employee to provide out of hours support to all of our clients for 1 week at a time. To have as minimal disruption as possible to our employees work life balance, this is shared equally amongst the team. All employees are compensated for the disruption to their work life balance and are paid £150 per week, in addition to the out of hours TOIL they accrue for any work that may be required.


Free Parking

Giving our employees access to an office for them to be able to work collaboratively together is important to us as it helps to increase team performance, share knowledge and create long lasting relationships. At our Head Office in Cambridge, all Bridge Partners employees have access to free parking.

Social Events

Building strong relationships between our employees is a value that Bridge Partners really believes in. We encourage our employees to socialise outside of work and provide social events throughout the year to actively encourage this.

Hybrid Working

At Bridge Partners, we understand that our employees may have life events that prevent them from working in the office. We therefore give our employees the ability to work from home to help them maintain a good work life balance.

Gaming night

Many of our employees enjoy gaming and we have an active gaming community who meet monthly. During these nights, our employees play a wide variety of games including board games as well as more traditional video games.

Wellbeing programme

We understand at Bridge Partners that ensuring our employees practice good mental wellbeing means that our employees are happy and feel cared about. All employees have access to our wellbeing programs which includes mindfulness training, yoga videos etc.

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Since 2001 Bridge Partners has been providing first class IT support services to customers in Cambridge, London and around the world.  We are proud of our talented and hard-working team of IT experts who are dedicated to keeping our customers happy.