St John’s College

Part of Cambridge University, St John’s College has been working with Bridge Partners since June 2013 to leverage its own IT team’s capability.

Founded in 1511, St John’s maintains exceptional standards. Having educated world-renowned scientists, leaders and artists, and with 900 undergraduates and graduates, and 300 staff, the college requires high-performing technology that meets its diverse needs.

The in-house IT team, which ensures staff and students receive first-class day-to-day support, works with Bridge Partners to resolve complex issues. The team taps into our knowledge and experience to quickly design and deliver significant infrastructure changes. Our partnership ensures that St John’s is available to focus on maintaining its current systems.

Our projects include the 2014 upgrade of the in-house email server from Exchange 2003 to 2010. The organisation was aware that the server was out of date and needed a refresh, yet carrying out the upgrade themselves would have generated significant costs in time and money, since staff would have required training. Instead, St John’s entrusted the project to Bridge Partners in the knowledge that we had previously successfully implemented frequent upgrades.

We built a clustered Exchange 2010 environment, and worked closely with the St John’s IT team to migrate all staff across at convenient times.

Currently, we are planning the next upgrade to Exchange 2013, which will enhance reliability, provide better remote access functionality and more storage space for the whole of St John’s, as well as for individual users.

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