RBB Economics

RBB Economics is a specialised international economics consultancy, focusing solely on matters concerning competition law.

Bridge Partners started working with the business in 2008, when we took over from a previous IT support supplier that had been unable to provide the appropriate level of service. We spent time improving the system and addressing issues, and essentially, restoring faith among the staff that their IT support partner would respond to their concerns.

In the early stages, we helped RBB reduce time spent on processing of large data. At the time staff were using laptops for this task, but we installed dedicated processing servers, giving people greater freedom to work remotely, and increasing efficiency.

Bridge Partners continues to work very closely with RBB to ensure that we are always up to date on its business goals. We ensure the IT systems allow for growth and development, and that the business has access to the most relevant tools and sufficient processing capacity, whether on-site or hosted.

We also worked with the business to set up international offices in locations including Madrid, Stockholm, Johannesburg and Melbourne, which demanded an additional level of project planning. Bridge Partners continues to supply RBB offices around the world with ongoing support and to work on specific projects.  We liaise with landlords, building managers and local suppliers, to ensure that when we arrive on-site we can start work immediately Рbe it on connectivity, telephony or other issues. Although some equipment is locally sourced, we also build some in the UK, and transport it to RBB sites abroad.

We visit the London office three times a week to provide IT support – this increases if we need to work on bigger projects.

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