One of Bridge Partners’ other long-term clients is Lewden Electrical Products – a supplier of wholesale electrical products to industry. We have worked as the firm’s IT partner over the years, ensuring its systems can keep pace as the business develops.

When Lewden moved its headquarters from London to Braintree in December 2014, our team planned and configured the new hardware infrastructure and migrated existing data to the new office without causing any service disruption or downtime. When staff relocated, they simply moved the PCs and continued working as normal.

Bridge Partners also frequently works with Lewden’s third party software providers to run specialist applications. For instance, we support hosted Service Application Products (SAP) for inventory management, product orders and customer information. We work with Mimecast to minimise email spam and virus attacks. Also, to provide backup and continuity, we send company data to Lewden’s Italian parent company, Palazzoli, to be securely stored off-site, should it be needed in the case of disaster recovery.

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