Have you thought about a disaster recovery plan?

For many businesses, the first time they think about a disaster recovery plan is after a catastrophic event.

At Bridge Partners, we work with our clients to help them recognise what they should care about and what they can do to protect themselves.

Planning for Business Continuity need not cost the earth, but the loss of business when disaster strikes may do.

What is a disaster?

When most people think of the word disaster they a drawn to images of their business burning down, being flooded or hit by a terrorist attack. In reality disasters tend to be a lot more basic. A power or internet outage, a hardware failure, a malware attack or an accidental deletion of data by an employee can bring a halt to business operations for hours or days at a time.

What do you care about?

Every business will have a wide range of key services that allow them to operate. We help our clients think about what really matters to them and how long they can usefully run for if any of their services was removed. The answer is not the same for all businesses and will not be the same for every service. For example a particular business might be able to survive for a day without a CRM system, four hours without file access but only two hours without email. For another business their most critical function might be access to the internet, the ability to process data or review stock levels.

What protection can be put in place?

As with everything in IT there are many ways of achieving similar goals. It is the job of Bridge Partners to identify the optimum solution for the needs of a particular business. Broadly this can be split into two key areas:

Backup and recovery

As a minimum every business should know that if a disaster occurs they are in a position to recover to the state they were in before the incident. The most basic way of enabling this is to ensure that all data is backed up, offsite, in more than one format. In the worst case new office space can be found, new equipment ordered, systems rebuilt and data recovered.

Redundancy and replication

For most businesses the damage to their business through missed orders, damaged reputation or delayed deadlines will mean reliance on backups alone is not an option. We help our clients add redundancy to their systems to remove single points of failure. We also help them implement data replication to enable rapid failover to parallel systems should faults occur at a primary location.

How can Bridge Partners help?

We have been designing and running disaster recovery systems for our clients for over ten years. We work with or clients to help them identify what they care about any how long they can service without it. This often involves them thinking beyond IT systems. We then design a set of bespoke systems that will enable their business to continue operating with minimal disruption should a disaster occur.

Please contact us if you would like more information.

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