Your workers have left the building

We have been working with our clients to provide staff with secure, seamless access to apps and business resources, no matter where they are or what devices they use.  

Many of us are finding that technology is blurring the line between work devices and personal devices. Convenience and efficiency leads us to access work email on our personal devices and use work devices for personal applications.  This offers greater access to work data for staff and greater productivity for employees.  Allowing staff and consultants to utilise personal devices can also reduce costs and fast-track on-boarding for new hires.

The challenge for our clients is in how to safely allow access for staff and consultants from devices that are outside of the company’s management.  Workspace ONE from VMware allows employees to access their work apps and data from the convenience of their own mobile device.
Access is simplified, removing the requirement for VPN access, multiple passwords and manual installation of apps.  Personal information remains private and totally separate from work apps.  Companies can manage deployment of business apps and data and IT management can control and revoke access to business apps and data as needed.

Talk to Bridge Partners today to discuss the potential benefits to your business. Further information can be found at Workspace ONE  and Your workers have left the building.


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