Bridge Partners Christmas Quiz 2018

Welcome to the second instalment of the Bridge Partners Christmas competition. Once again we sat by the fire in our library devising some fiendish puzzles to keep you entertained in the build up to Christmas.

Over the twelve days leading up to Christmas, we will be releasing a series of questions to keep you busy between now and the New Year.  Once you have entered your answer to each question, you will told if this is correct or not and given a further cryptic question, the answer to which is used to enter the competition.  On the twelfth day we will release the competition entry form for you to complete with you all secret words, but don’t worry, you can still enter even if you don’t get all 12 correct answers.

The competition closes on Sunday 6th January and all correct entries will be entered into the winning draw, winner picked at random, to win £50 of vouchers.  If no one gets all the answers right, the person(s) with the most correct will be entered into the draw.  Of course, you do not have to enter the competition if you do not want to, please just enjoy the puzzles and feel free to share the links with colleagues, friends and family … the more the merrier.

You may also wish to discuss hints and tips with others entering the competition on our twitter page @BridgeITSupport.

Good luck!

Quizmas 2018
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This year’s quiz starts on the  13th December. If you would like some practice in the meantime then why not have a go at last year’s puzzles.

Quizmas 2017
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